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Car Care Ministry Director

What is this serving role all about?

The Car Care Ministry Director is in charge of processing cars that are donated and working with the team of volunteers and local businesses to get the card fixed and ready to give away to people in need. This position also included screening and verifying that all recipients have insurance and the ability to maintain a vehicle.

What's something interesting or unique about this serving role?

This ministry meets a very practical need in our community. Having a reliable vehicle to get to work, take kids to school, or get groceries is huge. We take it for granted, but for others, it is their lifeline, and it allows them to maintain their independence and provide for their families.

How often do volunteers serve in this role?

This role is an ongoing position.

Who's one of the superstar volunteers currently fulfilling this role?

Donna Dinsmore has served as our Car Care Ministry Director for many years. She's definitely wired and gifted for this position. She has many contacts in the community that she can reach out to for assistance and materials. She has also written and received many grants to help fund Car Care. Donna is a fantastic steward of the money and resources she has been entrusted with. She has a huge heart and enjoys helping families in our community receive reliable transportation. Donna is a ROCKSTAR!!

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