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Camera Director/Switcher

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

What is this serving role all about?

The Camera Director/Switcher is responsible for what the final video looks like for our online worship service, as well as the live feed to any overflow rooms in the building (Mother's Room, lobby, Kids' rooms, etc.)

What's something interesting or unique about this serving role?

This role is super interesting because, while you are part of the main worship experience, you get to be a part of creatively translating that to a TV screen, computer, or mobile device so that we can engage people who are unable to attend in person.

How often do volunteers serve in this role?

We prefer volunteers to serve once a month, but we have some people who like to serve more often. Frequency depends on individual volunteers' availability.

Who's one of the superstar volunteers currently fulfilling this role?

Benaiah is one of our high school-aged volunteers in this role. He has an awesome eye for video and is always creative. I appreciate his musicality when planning shots for worship and he is always very receptive to feedback. Top that all off with an awesome personality and you have one awesome volunteer! I love serving with him.

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