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A gift from Ukraine

As many of you may already know, at Harvest, we strive to be so relevant to our own communities, that even the most ardent critic of Christianity would be disappointed if we ceased to exist. It is this model that we use when we look to serve other parts of the world as well.

When the war broke out on Ukraine, we sought ways to empower the local church to be the hope of Christ to their communities.

While we could've filled huge containers with supplies that may or may not be needed and would likely take months to arrive, we prayed and God led us to a small church in Warsaw, Poland. We learned how they were serving the women and children who had fled the war and what their greatest needs were. Specifically, this small church was housing the wives and children of several pastors who have stayed in Ukraine to minister. Since then, it has been an easy, natural way for us to get funds quickly and directly where they're most needed--the pastors continuously distribute aid, water, food and rescue to soldiers and civilians alike in Ukraine. Together with this "little-Polish-church-that-could", we also provide these brave men comfort knowing their wives and children are being cared for by the Church.

This recently arrived in the mail--a hand painted canvas by one of the pastor's wives from Kyiv, Ukraine, as a gift to Harvest.

She wrote, "Thank you for remembering us."

We ask you to please continue to remember Ukraine in your prayers, especially as winter is approaching and the war rages on.

For more ways to get involved or to learn more, email our Global Outreach Director at

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