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1st/2nd Grade Classroom Teacher

What is this serving role all about?

In our 1st/2nd grade classroom, volunteers show up 15 minutes before service begins to look over the lesson plan we've prepared and greet the kids as they arrive. A smile at the door is the best part of the day for some kids. Volunteers spend the hour fostering positive relationships with the kids, playing, and helping them grow in their love of Jesus

What's something interesting or unique about this serving role?

Kids are really beginning to grasp the Bible and the meaning of prayer at this age. Volunteers have a great opportunity to be an integral part of the growth process.

How often do volunteers serve in this role?

We ask volunteers to serve at least two Sundays a month, for one hour each time. This provides consistency for the kids. We also know life happens and we can be flexible.

Who's one of the superstar volunteers currently fulfilling this role?

Larry Houlihan is currently serves in our 1st/2nd grade classroom, and he's a rockstar!

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24 wrz 2023

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