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Harvest Students

What to Expect

Worship  Students will experience relevant, inspiring worship, in an atmosphere designed to bring them closer to God and to each other. Worship ranges from a full production, with concert-level lights and audio, to a striped-back experience that allows us to lean into the simplicity of God's love for us. Students are encouraged to worship in their own unique ways, while also respecting the space of others who may worship differently.

Message  Students will sit under biblical, grace-filled teaching from our Next-Gen Pastor, our Student Pastor, and a variety of guest speakers. Messages are designed to be relevant, memorable, and action based in ways that will inspire students to act. Messages are approximately 15-20 minutes for middle school, and 25-30 minutes for high school.

Life Groups  We believe students grow best in community with each other. We can't do life alone, and life wasn't designed to be done alone either. Our students are led by trained adults, and are mentored by older students. At Harvest Students, we have life group semesters that last for 13 weeks in the fall and the spring. Middle school life groups are divided by gender and grade, while high school life groups are co-ed and divided by grade.

Games  We believe in having a good time at Harvest Students. We love to play fun, interactive games to start our services that allows students to fellowship and make friends with others. Jesus was the life of the party, and we strive to be that to our community too.

Food  Students are fed a home cooked meal every week. Our kitchen team prepares an entree, a side, and a dessert for all students and leaders every Wednesday. On holidays we often serve a full, sit-down meal themed around the specific holiday. Community is often best fostered around a good meal, and we strive to provide students an opportunity to belong to a community.

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