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What is the Grand Wedding?

It's an all-expense paid wedding ceremony and reception for up to 12 couples. The Grand Wedding includes:

  • Formal pastor-officiated wedding ceremony

  • Decorated venue & guest seating for up to 20 guests per couple

  • Small bridal bouquet

  • Mini-reception (cake, beverages, and dancing)

  • DJ & top wedding song playlist

  • Photograph of the couple and candids at the reception

  • All set-up and clean-up included

Who can participate?

Living separate or cohabitating, married previously or not, long-term attender or new to Harvest ... whatever state you may be in, you are invited to officially get hitched. In this day and age, we recognize that there are many barriers for couples to navigate before exchanging marital vows. Our goal is to remove as many of those barriers as possible. Couples are required to attend three premarital classes designed to provide tools to help build strong, healthy marriages. 

What are the premarital preparation classes?

The premarital classes will give couples tools to help build and maintain a strong, healthy marriage. Classes will be held Saturday mornings. Free childcare is available during the classes with registration. 

  • Class #1 – Communication & Conflict Resolution

  • Class #2 – Finances & Sex/Affection

  • Class #3 – Closeness/Flexibility & Personality Profile

There is a $50 per couple fee, due at the time of registration. This fee covers all costs associated with the premarital classes. 

How do I participate?

Complete the Grand Wedding registration. Only one registration is needed per couple. Once we receive your registration, our Marriage & Family Pastor, Eric Hutch, will reach out to you.



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