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first wednesday

What to Expect

At Harvest, we set aside the First Wednesday of each month for our faith family to gather and worship together. We believe that families should worship together and when they do it leads to a beautiful worship culture that God loves to dwell in. In these special moments of music, prayer, and preaching, God will stir up the hearts of His people.

Connection  Doors open at 6 pm, with service starting at 6:30 pm. Come early, grab a cup of coffee and hang out in the lobby with our friendly staff and volunteers. 

Worship  Music is a focal point on First Wednesday. Our hope is to lead your heart into a profound, distraction-free experience with God, no matter what season you are walking through.We believe God loves it when we raise our hands and voices toward Him, and that He also meets us when we praise in quiet reverence. No matter your worship style, we pray that you have a powerful and authentic meeting with the Lord.

Message & Prayer  The evening will largely be filled with musical worship, but immersing ourselves in God's word and lifting up our words in prayer are also important elements of worship. We mix in mini-messages, what we like to call sermonettes, and opportunities for prayer. Each First Wednesday varies just a little bit from the others.

Children  First Wednesday is designed to be welcoming to families. We encourage you to bring your children into the worship center with you. However, if you prefer for your younger children to be cared for while you attend, we offer free childcare for children Third Grade and younger. We do ask that you register them so we can plan accordingly. You can do that HERE.

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