School Supply Giveaway

The end of summer signals the beginning of school, and the beginning of school means school supplies shopping. Harvest church understands how challenging it can be to obtain school supplies, especially for families with multiple children.

We care deeply about the many families in our Billings, Lockwood and surrounding communities and make the needs of our communities a priority for our church. August 17, 2019, we will be hosting our annual School Supply Giveaway, also known as “Fill Your Backpack.” For over 12 years, this event has helped families check off many of the supplies required on the school list. This year we are doubling up our efforts by partnering with Vineyard Church in an attempt to provide even more school supplies to the families of our communities.

This event will be held in the “voting” gym in Lockwood starting at 10 AM. We hope to see you there! We promise you will not walk away empty handed!