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Bring a buddy, save money!

Who doesn't love a buddy? Especially one that loves to work out and saves you money!

If you are a current YMCA member, make sure you tell your buddies to come and work out with you. In return, if that buddy becomes a new member for at least 3 consecutive months, we will give you ONE MONTH FREE! 


Have your buddy fill out a pass* at the front membership desk when they sign up. There is no limit on the number of buddies you get to join. And the best part ... your buddy has until January 31 to sign up and pay NO JOINER'S FEE, saving them money too.

* Buddy passes do not apply to new memberships that need financial assistance.

Yoga Wellness @ Oasis Waterpark

The Billings Family YMCA offers the Yoga Wellness class at the Oasis Waterpark. This class is a holistic form of exercise and mental discipline that restores health and peace of mind. The relaxation and breathing techniques enable one to release tension and increase flexibility. 

Age:  All ages welcome

Cost:  Community $38, free for YMCA members

Day & Time:  M/W 5:00 - 6:00 pm

Location:  Oasis Waterpark

Learn more or register HERE.

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