The 2020 enrollment period is closed. You're welcome to view the full agreement below until enrollment opens again in 2021.

Membership Overview

We believe we are called to live a life of Full Surrender. At Harvest Church, Full Surrender means that you are choosing to lead a life of ongoing surrender to the Gospel of Jesus. This means you will:

  1. Surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ by accepting the free gift of grace for the forgiveness of your sin and be born again.
  2. Not neglect the gathering of the body of Christ and pursue regular participation in church worship services at Harvest Church.
  3. Surrender your time by participating in a Harvest Group where you learn to read the Bible, pray, and listen to the Holy Spirit.
  4. Surrender your talent by regularly serving in the context of Harvest Church.
  5. Surrender your treasures by giving from your financial resources to Harvest Church, pursuing the discipline of tithing as modeled in scripture.
  6. Surrender your plans to God's purposes and pursue a life wholly devoted to His teachings.

As a Covenant Member, we ask that you commit to living a Fully Surrendered life. Please take your time going through each area of this covenant, making sure you understand what is being asked of you. Pray and search your heart to ensure you are in agreement, and then affirm this Membership Covenant. Ask questions if you need to. Let's covenant together to make Harvest Church be the biblically functioning community God wants us to be.

Agreement  Questions?

Agreement This is what our Membership agreement looks like.

01 My Commitment
02 Worship
03 Grow
04 Surrender

My Commitment

As a covenant member of Harvest Church, I believe in Jesus Christ’s death on the cross as punishment for my sins and have surrendered my life to His authority and leadership thereby receiving His gift of eternal life.





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