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LOGO questionnaire

Below is a logo questionnaire for you to fill out to give us a good place to start on creating a logo for your ministry. Please fill out as completely as possible.

Paved Cement Texture_edited.jpg

Basic Information

Brand personality

Choose the word that best describes the vibe you want your logo to have.

masculine vs. feminine
youthful vs. mature
luxury vs. economical
modern vs. classic
playful vs. serious
loud vs. quiet
simple vs. complex
subtle vs. obvious

Typeface/Font Preferences

Check the categories that appeal to you for your logo's text elements. I will make suggestions too, but would like to know what you are drawn to.


Most effective logos use one or two colors (think Coca-Cola, Target, Dell, Best Buy). Some big brands use a multi-color look (NBC, Google, ebay). I lean toward suggesting one or two colors for most logos, but it's not an ironclad rule. Following is a list of colors and the symbolism they generally convey. Please check the ones that you think suit your brand.

Art Elements


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