T-Groups is a program Harvest Church began "in the weeds" several years ago. It has proven to be very successful and the people who have completed the program say they have experienced unprecedented growth because of it.

At T-Groups you will:

  • Learn the biblical theology, principles, and techniques of personal growth.
  • Identify character issues that are hindering your growth and development, and what to do about them.
  • Learn how to use the power of relationships and structure to resolve issues.
  • Even solve treatment-resistant issues that hinder growth.
  • Work on stretch goals and "homework" which will move you to successfully conquer some challenges and achieve new levels of success – both personally and professionally.

You will also make some remarkable life-long friends who will be an ongoing reservoir of hope and help.

What to expect:

The day begins with teaching based on Dr. John Townsend and Dr. Henry Cloud's biblically based growth model.

Then participants meet in their small groups to review homework and stretch goals progress and get a snapshot of how things are going.

Finally, the core experience of the day will be the time in what we call "process group." Process group is an extremely safe and confidential setting where we experience unconditional love and support as we discuss and help each other with a variety of issues, hurts, and challenges. Process group will help you to "connect the dots" about what may be holding your performance potential back.

Along the way, there are a few books to read, some relational connections with your group members, and an opportunity for some personal coaching.

Some logistics

T-Groups meets one half-day per month (Saturday), runs for eight months, costs $200 + books (funds are used for training and equipping leaders and resource costs for T-Groups). Please don't let the cost be prohibitive, we do have scholarship funds available.

T-Groups are led by Liz Zeller and Alex Falder (both veterans of Cloud and Townsend experiences and training) – along with their apprentice leaders (T-Groups alumni).

We hope to see you in September!