Men's Bonfire

At the foot of a monstrous stack down by the river, strength will rise from a band of brothers.

When you were 10, a campfire and a best friend were all you needed to feel better about anything. Somehow as we grow up, we often lose that kind of connection with guy friends. We end up isolated, cold, dreamless and with our hearts locked in a safety deposit box. But life is too hard to go it alone. There is nothing quite like a bonfire and a challenge to bring us together as men, and reignite the heart in our chest through authentic friendship with God and each other. Then we can answer, "who am I supposed to be as a man?" Let's light it up and stoke the flame — because we were made for so much more!


We will be giving away some rugged, manly prizes. Don't miss out!

  • Hawken 50 cal. Replica Rifle
  • Mystery Ranch Pack
  • And much more