Dear Harvest Family & Friends,

Simon Peter Streeter, my horse, had the privilege of riding several hours in a horse trailer with three mares. He could hardly have been happier. But as soon as they were out of the trailer and in a pen, he wasn’t so happy. Those girls can be mean! One minute a nuzzle, the next a kick. One minute a “What’s up?” the next a bite. Poor guy was bewildered. I pulled him aside and lovingly explained some things to him. We talked about social decorum and social distancing and dialing back his … advances. He didn’t listen and now he has the wounds to show for it. Wait … am I talking about men or horses here?


This Sunday we start a sermon series on marriage called “Fault Lines.” It’s about the top four stressors in marriage (that just got “stressyer” under COVID-19). We’ll start with parenting on Mother’s Day and then talk $, sex, and in-laws. It should be fun and helpful.

And, if you don’t want your kids in there for the Fault Lines series (content is potentially Not Safe For Kids), we've got you covered! Our Harvest Kids services will be longer and simultaneously broadcast at and Facebook (also, AppleTV and Roku ... more on that below). Check out this list of ideas to keep your kids busy and happy while you listen and discuss.


  • We have lengthened our Harvest Kids broadcasts and will be streaming at the same time as regular services. Set your kids up on a different device in a different room, and we'll take care of the rest.
  • Adults, use separate headphones, but still watch the service together.
  • Set up board games and puzzles in a different area of the house.
  • After the worship songs are over, throw 100 pennies into the backyard and tell the kids they can't come back in until all 100 are found.
  • If your kids are old enough, have them spend the morning writing letters and cards to grandparents, aunts and uncles.
  • Fill a tupperware or gallon zip bag with water and small plastic toys. Freeze at least one day before service, Give the kids safe kitchen tools or toy tools to excavate the treasure in the sink, bathtub, or backyard.
  • Set up an "art studio" in a separate room with paper, paint, crayons, etc. Give kids a simple goal, like "make something for Mommy" or "create the weirdest thing you can imagine." Set a timer for how long to keep creating and put it where they can see.
  • If all else fails, remember you can always watch the sermon later, after the kids go to bed. Sermons post to our Facebook feed, AppleTV and Roku immediately after each broadcast.

As you know, we can’t start meeting in person yet. Your pastors and Church Council agree that we can’t start meeting safely until probably phase 3. We are evaluating daily, and talking to several other similar churches. Everybody is working hard on this and seeking God’s wisdom.

We are grateful for the technology to broadcast sermons and meet digitally. We are trying to make it as normal as possible — albeit a little shorter because well, you know, your attention span, and your children, and the distractions. We are also grateful that our Harvest groups can now opt to meet in person. If you’d like to get going in a Harvest Group please simply go to Group life is more important now than ever!


Speaking of online stuff, here’s some good news. We are now up and running on both Apple TV (4th and 5th gen) and Roku. Just search and download the “Harvest Church App." No more casting or AirPlaying! Smooooth. And remember, our Tech Warriors are able to help if you are being defeated by the tech demons. Just let us know at

Thanks to everybody who is keeping up with their Headwaters commitment during such an unusual time. If you’d like to re-engage in generosity and worship, feel free to visit If you would like us to pray for you this week please send requests to And as always, if you need something from us, or want to tell us something, fire an email to

Oh, and don’t miss week three of Fault Lines when we talk about Simon and Hot Donna!

Love you,