Dear Harvest Family & Friends,

My horse is a dog, but he cleans up after himself. Check out this video.

Speaking of cleaning up, one of the unexpected benefits of COVID-19 is how much work our facilities team is getting done. Projects everywhere! I am so proud of them and grateful for them, and perhaps you could say "thanks" if you get a chance.

The building looks great, and I can't wait for us to get back to using it hard. Speaking of: last Sunday, at the beginning of our worship service, I told you what we are thinking about regarding reopening. You can catch that online if you'd like. The essence of it is:

  • Thanks for the 1,240 people who took the survey we sent out.
  • You guys hilariously don't agree with each other.
  • Almost everybody agrees we are sure looking forward to in-person worship services.
  • We are still in wait-and-see mode — some of our friends are opening their churches and we are observing carefully.
  • Three major reasons we are not open yet:
    1. If we opened now, what you want to come back to isn't what you're used to. It's not going to be a very good experience because of social distancing, disinfection, no coffee, bathroom monitors, no Harvest Kids ministry, kids on your lap, sequestered families, assigned seating, limited seating, people getting turned away at the door, and we would discourage you from singing because singing is one of the best ways to spread the virus! Weird.
    2. I don't want your kids to be miserable. They should get a great, and safe, experience when they come back.
    3. Our health advisors are encouraging us to hold on a little longer — and we want to be a good teammate in our community.

So please be patient. And pleas consider that we might be doing exactly what God wants because me tapping the brakes is a miracle. #fullthrottle!


One more big announcement and then I'm done. Celebrate Freedom is moving this year ... and is downsizing. The blast zone at Castlerock Park is actually under construction so we lost serious acreage to shoot the fireworks. Secondly, we aren't able to mobilize our 700 volunteers under the current uncertainty, and we are reluctant to spend any money on all of the preparations and amusements when we might not be able to have it in the city park anyway. So, we are shooting off the largest and highest fireworks legally possible from the upper parking lot of the Metra! It's gonna' rip!

Bonus announcement: A water main broke under the pool at the Oasis, days before schedule opening. Chuck and the above-and-beyond participation of T. Davis Construction, Castlerock Excavating, RotoRooter, Curb Box Specialists, Precision Concrete Cutting, Leffler Construction, Christopherson Plumbing, Toepfer Concrete and Rocky Mountain Hardrock Flooring, got that baby opened June 1, the day the governor lifted the Phase One restrictions. We are off to a great start and families seem very relieved and happy!

Please keep praying for your church and your church leadership. Hope to see you soon. Reach out to each other.

Love you,