Dear Harvest Family & Friends,

The Governor spoke and my devices started to light up:

"Are we meeting this Sunday?"
"Yay, let's meet!"
"Can't wait to see you in church this Sunday."
"Hey Vern, what are you guys going to do?"
"If you open the church this Sunday, you're dumber than if you were slurping batwing soup in a wet market!"

My seminary degree did not prepare me for this.

Are we meeting this Sunday? Short answer: No. But, join us for church online and I'll explain more.

#socialdistancing #phase3 #wisecouncil #stayinyourpajamas #fistfights #boxofsnakes #downstairs

And, I'll give you a Headwaters update.

See you Sunday (on a screen). | 8:30 am, 10 am, 11:30 am

Love you and miss you,