Dear Harvest Family & Friends,

One of the greatest moments of the COVID-19 “hunker down” order happened recently in my backyard. I got it in slow-mo. Here’s a link … feast your eyes!


In the words of Jesus, “Let’s blow some stuff up!” Wait, did He really say that? Kind of. In lots of ways. Like Luke 4:14-30. As troubling as this pandemic is, I’m excited about the opportunities we have as a church to declare Jesus and His different way and blow-up skewed perceptions of God. God has a perfect and loving plan for us. Let’s trust Him, obey Him, and loudly tell the world.

Speaking of stuff, here's some:

  • Will you consider helping with the Oasis Clean Up anytime on Saturday from 9am-3pm? (Oasis is the waterpark we built for our community. We did that because we love people, and fun, and so does God). It’s got great landscaping and features and that require some freshening every spring. Grab your kids or your small group or your mom who’s been sequestered and pitch in, will you please? It’ll be fun, and you’ll be part of blessing our whole community.
  • Speaking of groups, Governor Bullock has given us the green light to meet in groups of 10 or less. If your group is comfortable, go for it! It's going to be a good spring and summer!
  • Reminder: We will not be meeting in person for Sunday worship until Phase 3. We just can’t adhere to the social distancing mandate — and the notion of turning people away at the door because we are “full” is unconscionable to me. So let’s keep going online, but be good so we can safely get to phase 3! Can’t wait to see you! Join us at
  • The cupboards are bare at both Tumbleweed (teen homeless) and our food pantry. Let’s fill them back up, please! Please note shopping lists and drop-off times below.


Finally, next Sunday (Mother’s Day! “ Thanks for the reminder, Pastor.” “You’re welcome.”) we start a sermon series called Fault Lines. It’s on the top 4 marriage stressors. And pandemics stress marriages even more! A little warning: The first one is on parenting. Some of you don’t want your children to listen to your parenting of them get critiqued. And then week three we are literally talking about s-e-x. You might want to censor that one too. You’re welcome, again.

Love you,