Dear Harvest Family & Friends,

I went backpacking the other day. Scouting, actually, for a hunt in September. After nine miles and too much weight on my back we reached our campsite. There was a meatpole hung across two trees, about 20 feet off the ground. (As you know the meatpole is there to hang your food, and especially your kill, off the ground, so a grizzly doesn’t come along and eat you like fair-food on a stick. Hence “meatpole”). Anyway, it was creaking in the wind and driving me a little crazy.

I couldn’t fathom lying awake in my tent and hearing creeeeak…. creeeeak…. creeeak… all night long. So the youngest guy in our group was assigned to climb the lodgepole tree, shimmy across the lodgepole meatpole to the creaky juncture of the meatpole and the other lodgepole tree. Once there, in a feat of great agility and strength, he lifted the lodgepole meatpole up from the crook in the tree and stuffed a recently picked broadleaf ground foliage under it, thereby creating a luscious barrier between lodgepole and meatpole – and voila! – the annoying groan was silent.

Problem solving. It’s human. It’s what we do. Or at least what we're expected to do.

Remember last week’s sermon? “Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?” (Job 2:10). Covid-19 has brought trouble and cranked up problem-solving. God is in all of it, and though I don’t understand much, I do know He loves you and invites us to bring Shalom to His world. Please don’t give up.

In that vein, we’re ready to go: Harvest Church re-starts in-person worship services July 12! We’ll be ready for you and we can’t wait to see you. You know all the precautions. Come if you’re ready. It’s going to be so fun!

One more thing. My friend Dr. John Townsend (I have his cell phone number) and Dr. Henry Cloud (I’ve talked with him a couple times, but he won’t remember me from the ant he burned with a magnifying glass when he was a child) are hosting an online event called Facing Challenges Well (much bigger challenges that creaking meatpoles) on July 16 and 17. It’s about problem-solving and wisdom and success and thriving in uncertain times. You should go. It’s inexpensive, but priceless.



Love you,


P.S. The guy who risked his life for my sanity and sleep was my future son-in-law. Good call.